Historical castles and palaces in Switzerland – Grand palaces, mighty castles and well-preserved ruins
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The castel of Kyburg

Herbergen Herbergen
Herbergen Herbergen
Historical castles and palaces.

Step into the grand dining-room where, many centuries ago, the «landvogt» had delicious meals with his entourage in the midst of selected works of art, heavy tapestries and beautiful paintings.

Climb up to the roof of the castle where bloody battles were fought and mighty enemies repelled, or step, with a faint shudder, into the torture chamber where you will clearly see how brutally justice was administered.

Switzerland has had a violent past full of wars. The grand palaces, mighty castles and well-preserved ruins that are spread all over the country give evidence of this.

«swisspanoramas» will give you a first impression of the varied cultural heritage with our 360° panoramas that put you in the middle of the activities, life and architecture of the past centuries.

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